WellD is looking for a ReactJS / React Native developer to join its internal dev team in Lugano. This is a senior level position requiring a minimum of two years experience with these technologies. If you believe you have the right skills and mindset, here are some info about us and the kind of job we offer.

Who we are
WellD is a fast-growing company dedicated to custom software development, strongly focused on state-of-the-art technology. But most importantly we are a team of cool, down-to-earth and yet highly passionate and qualified devs and engineers. We value passion, interest in technology, and an analytical mindset over pure skill-specific knowledge.

Where we are
We are located next to Lugano in Agno, Switzerland. Our offices are easily accessible by public transportation.

Remote policy
We currently offer a hybrid remote policy. While WellD values workplace flexibility, our priority remains our clients and teams. Please note that our remote work policy may be subject to change in accordance with Swiss and cross-border legislation.

What tech we use
Our main tech stack includes Java/Kotlin and TypeScript, ReactJS and React Native.
We version our projects on GitLab, and rely heavily on containerization through Docker, both for development and CI/CD purposes.

How we conceive software dev
We promote Agile Development with a formal process including Code Reviews, Pair Programming, and Continuous Delivery. We care about software quality, and have a proper methodology / pipeline to assure it is always achieved. We do not just-code-it, we design it.

We believe in Open Source, and take every chance we have to share knowledge on our Tech Blog or contribute to OSS.

To whom we deliver
Our clients are well-established companies in the Energy, Industrial, Finance, and Health sectors. Everyday we face real-life challenging requirements and are asked to make a difference, designing solutions at the highest level of engineering.

What we offer
We offer a full-time permanent contract and competitive Swiss salaries...

...alongside several benefits & perks:

  • The tools you need. You'll get a MacBook Pro, fully powered with the IDEs of choice, and an AK Racing Gaming chair to feel comfortable at your desk.
  • You'll get discounted Swiss public transports ABO.
  • You'll get free tickets and paid training days to all the tech events we sponsor (e.g. Voxxed Days Ticino & Milano).
  • You'll have access to a dedicated yearly budget to expand your knowledge attending conferences, courses, events.
  • You'll have access to our library of tech books. If the one you need is not there, ask for it. It's on us.
  • You will work and share your day with like-minded people, organizing Hack Days, MeetUps, Escape Rooms, Tech Lunches - all supported by WellD.
  • You will get cool gadgets (tech and non-tech!)
  • You'll get free coffee anytime you need.

...something's missing? Just ask for it. We are open to any request as long as it fits our corporate culture and values.

Please note that this position is limited to Swiss citizens or residents or Schengen EU-citizens (check here) and it is hybrid remote. Italian and English are also required.